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RagaMuffin Kittens Bonding

RagaMuffin Kittens Adjusting to New Home and Other Pets

The slower the better, especially if you have other pets! Cats are territorial and current household cats will not like the newcomer. Introduce them (or introduce your new RagaMuffin kittens to its new home) by isolating your new kitten in a small room, letting the household cat/dog smell the newcomer through the cracks under the door. Feed your new kitten in this room and provide the kitten with his or her own litter box. Show your RagaMuffin the food, water, and litter box.  Do not force your kitten to come to you.  Allow the kitten to initiate contact.  Wait until your kitten is comfortable with you before picking the kitty up for cuddles.  Spend time with your new kittens in this room, playing and cuddling. This will enable your new kitty to bond with you before he or she is introduced to the other animals or to the larger area of your home. After your RagaMuffin has become comfortable in their room (playing with you and not showing signs of nervousness), gradually allow your new kittens time out of the room, but only with your supervision.  Simply leave the door open in the room where you have been keeping your RagaMuffin kittens and allow the kittens to come out and explore. Never leave your new RagaMuffin alone with other animals until you are certain that they have become friends. This could take several weeks if you have other animals.


If you do have another cat(s), allow the other cat to spend time in your kitten's safe room while your kittens spend time outside the safe room.  Take some material (scent cloth) and rub it on your new RagaMuffin's cheeks and allow you other cats to have contact with this material.  Also, provide a scented cloth with your other cats smell on it and allow your new RagaMuffin kittens to smell it.  Feed your kittens on one side of the closed door to the safe room and feed your other cats on the other side of the closed door.  Once they are all eating comfortable, crack the door open (this should be done after you have allowed your current cat(s) time to smell around in your new kitten's safe room.  While they are getting to know each other after the door has been cracked, initiate play with both of them in the same room but playing separately with a teaser toy.  Give a favorite treat to them after play time so they can eat the treat while in each other’s company and associate playing and treats with each other.


If you don’t have other animals, it’s still important to let your new little one get used to a smaller area first and then to have the run of the house.  Give lots of love and you will have the most wonderful pet you could ever imagine! 


Check out the information on the page making sure your house is kitten-proofed, as it contains some other valuable tips on bonding with your RagaMuffin so that the adjustment to your home is stress-free and smooth.

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