The Best RagaMuffin Cat in the World

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

written by Jete, a RagaMuffin cat that is incredibly beautiful

Hi to all of you who love RagaMuffin kittens! I am sure you will appreciate my incredible beauty, as everyone does. I was my mommy's very first RagaMuffin and she loved me instantly (but then how could she help herself)?

My name is Jete (pronounced zsa tay). It is actually a ballet jump and I could not have a better name as I have always loved doing 360 degree flips and jumping off the walls. My mommy says she thinks I have a few screws loose, but I know how much she loves me and I love her too. I give her tons of kitty kisses.

I love meeting new people and if you are lucky enough to visit my mommy and I am awake, you will get to meet me and feel my beautiful coat, see my deep sapphire eyes and realize you are really in the presence of the best RagaMuffin cat in the world. I love to be told I am beautiful, because it is true and when you take one look at me, you will not be able to help yourself from calling me gorgeous.

I had a couple of litters of RagaMuffin kittens when I first came to live with my mommy. It was GREAT when they got old enough so I could play with them! My kittens were almost as fabulous as I am, and very floppy. All my kittens are known as whackadoodles. But I am truly one of a kind.

I love the RagaMuffin kittens that are born here and call them whippersnappers. Talk to you soon! Love, Jete - The BEST RagaMuffin Cat in the World!

Jete, showing her acrobatic skills :-).


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