RagaMuffin Cats are Rareragamuffin breeders

Many potential adopters of RagaMuffin kittens will ask RagaMuffin breeders whether RagaMuffin cats are rare.  The short answer to this question is that RagaMuffins are indeed rare.  The RagaMuffin has its roots with the Ragdoll.  This is because the breeders that started the RagaMuffin cat breed used to be Ragdoll breeders.  They worked under Ann Baker.  Ann Baker is the person known to have started the Ragdoll breed.

After a certain amount of time, certain breeders found it increasingly difficult working with Ann.  This was partly likely due to her age.  They decided that they would take all the colors that Ann had produced and create a new breed.  They could not use the name Ragdoll.  Therefore the name “RagaMuffin” for the breed was suggested.  This was intended sort of like a joke.  However, the name stuck.  For more information on the history of the RagaMuffin breed, please visit the RagaMuffin Cat Traits Page.

Start of The RagaMuffin Breed

At the outset, the founding RagaMuffin breeders had good-sized catteries.  Additional breeders joined the ranks.  Some of these additional breeders had more than a few breeding cats.  This made for a more substantial number of breeders that had larger catteries.  However, several of these breeders passed away and were not replaced with breeders of their size.  In addition, there were larger breeders that had to retire for personal reasons.  This had resulted in the RagaMuffin Cat being somewhat rare.

Today, most of the RagaMuffin breeders are not large breeders.  They have a few to several females and one or two females.  There are about 30 RagaMuffin breeders in 2021 and they are spread out across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Potential adopters will usually have to wait a bit to get a RagaMuffin kitten. This is especially true if they are committed to adopting from a local breeder since RagaMuffin cats are rare.  Regardless of whether the RagaMuffin Cats are rare, anyone who has the privilege of being owned by a RagaMuffin will tell you it was surely worth the wait!