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This page contains some useful information for RagaMuffin breeders and pet owners about RagaMuffin kittens and RagaMuffin cats, as well as kittens and cats of other breeds. This page will be updated periodically to contain new information, so make sure to bookmark it, so you can come back and visit!     Just click on the link to download a PDF version of the article.


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Associations & Clubs

These are the associations and clubs our members belong to.  The cats and kittens are registered and shown in these associations.


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If you need to contact The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society, please email us at the following address: 

E-mail: info@ragamuffinkittens.org

To contact any of TRKBS RagaMuffin cat breeders, please click on their website or email on the RagaMuffin Breeders page.