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Membership Application & Breeder Questionnaire


RagaMuffin kitten pet owners get real value from becoming a member of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society. A  newsletter, called The RagaMuffin Scratching Post, filled with helpful information and updates about show news, feline health issues, RagaMuffin breeder information, and fun photo contests is just one of the benefits of membership. Members of TRKBS will receive a Membership Card and an invitation to join The Muffin Scoop, an online group of RagaMuffin breeders and RagaMuffin owners, who like to share stories and photos about their RagaMuffin kittens. To apply for Membership, fill out the Membership Application and follow the instructions on the form. Once your application is processed, you will have access to past issues of The RagaMuffin Scratching Post.

Established RagaMuffin Cat Breeders may also join The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society, by completing the Membership Application and the Established Breeder Questionnaire.  Established Breeders are RagaMuffin cat breeders that either belong to RAG as established RagaMuffin breeders or belong to the UKRMCS as established RagaMuffin breeders.
Procedure for Applying to the TRKBS Apprentice Breeder Program
Print and complete: 

1.     TRKBS Membership Application

2.     TRKBS Apprentice Breeder Questionnaire
3.     TRKBS Code of Ethics

If an applicant has already acquired RagaMuffin breeding cats prior to applying to the TRKBS Apprentice Breeder Program, they must also furnish copies of the following documentation. (Applicants that are approved prior to acquiring RagaMuffin breeding cats must furnish this information as they acquire it.) 

1.     Registrations for all RagaMuffin breeding cats in at least one of the following registries: CFA, ACFA, or GCCF. 

2.     DNA tests for HCM-Ragdoll on all RagaMuffin breeding cats. If both the sire and dam, (or their predecessors) of a RagaMuffin breeding cat were tested for HCM-Ragdoll, those tests may be submitted instead of a new test on the RagaMuffin breeding cat in question. 

3.    Proof that the cattery is FELV/ FIV free. (i.e. copies of test results, signed letter from veterinarian, etc.) 

4.    Form of Sales Contract/Adoption Agreement (if the AB has sold or is currently selling RagaMuffin kittens)

Once the Board of Directors has received all documents, it will conduct a review and vote accordingly. If approved, the AB will be assigned a TRKBS mentor to work with during the apprentice period.

TRKBS Apprentice Breeder Requirements

Apprentice Breeders must meet all of the following criteria before being granted Full Breeder Status: 

1.    Two (2) years as an apprentice working with an approved mentor.  (If applicant also belongs to another organization, the AB may apply their time served as an apprentice from the other group toward their TRKBS apprenticeship. However, a minimum of six (6) months must be served under an approved TRKBS mentor.) 

2.    Raise a minimum of three (3) litters of RagaMuffin kittens.
3.   Perform certain service requirements to TRKBS.

4.    Pass a written test.

5.  Exhibit a cat at two (2) shows per year. (If approved as an apprentice breeder before May 1, 2017, the show requirement will start on January 1, 2018.)

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Associations & Clubs

These are the associations and clubs our members belong to.  The cats and kittens are registered and shown in these associations.


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If you need to contact The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society, please email us at the following address: 

E-mail: info@ragamuffinkittens.org

To contact any of TRKBS RagaMuffin cat breeders, please click on their website or email on the RagaMuffin Breeders page.